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Self Service lets you install many extensions on your wiki in just one click.


Extensions are under a wiki's "Manage Settings" button. Hover over or select the "Manage Settings" button, then press "Wiki Extensions".


After pressing that, you should see the custom extensions you have installed on your wiki. Please keep in mind that default extensions aren't shown on Self Service because they can't be uninstalled. You can also install any of our available extensions.


To add an extension to your wiki, simply go to the "Available Extensions" section, find the extension you wish to add, and press the "Add" button on the side. If you already know what extension you're looking for, use our handy search feature to find it faster.

To remove an extension from your wiki, go to the "Enabled" section (not the "Available Extensions" section). Hover over the right side of the extension you wish to remove. The right side will turn red and a trash can symbol will appear. Press it to remove the extension.


What if I don't see an extension?

Please first check your wiki's Special:Version and see if the extension you want is already on there or not. Believe it or not, sometimes we will get requests to install an extension despite it being a default extension already installed from the very beginning!

If it's not installed on your wiki and you cannot find it on Self Service, please reach out to our support team and we'll evaluate whether we can add your requested extension to our system. We aim to accept all requests, and will only say no if there are compelling reasons why we cannot install it.

General guidelines:

  • The extension should have a page on and should be free and open source to install.
  • The extension should be currently maintained. Out of date extensions are either not guaranteed to work or are not compatible with the current version of MediaWiki used by MyWikis. MyWikis can take over maintenance of the extension for a fee—contact our support team if you are interested in this.