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Have an existing wiki? It's easy to move your wiki to MyWikis. With streamlined processes for MediaWiki, Confluence, Wikispaces, and other types of wiki software, you'll easily be able to get your wiki up and running on our platform in no time.


Migrating is as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Read the below migration info and sign up for a new MyWikis wiki
  2. Begin the migration process by filling out our migration form and uploading your old wiki's data
  3. Configure your wiki's settings, extensions, and skins on MyWikis Self Service

Once these steps are done, your wiki will be fully migrated to MyWikis!

Migration services

We offer two types of migration services: standard migration and premium migration. No matter which service you choose, your wiki will be imported to the fullest extent possible. Your wiki on MyWikis, after the import, will exactly resemble the state in which you exported it (if you are importing a MediaWiki wiki and perform all steps correctly). The following table compares the two services.

Standard Premium
Scope Step-by-step instructions provided for exporting wiki content

Upload required files and MyWikis takes care of the rest

Turnkey migration

End-to-end migration process taken care of by MyWikis.

Provide us with the credentials needed to access your server and we take care of the rest.

Live assisted migration

Alternatively, we can guide you through the entire process via videoconference (Zoom).

An expert will be able to assist you through the entire process.

Pricing Free; monthly subscriptions need to prepay for a set number of months first (see below for details) Starting at $100; contact us for detailed pricing
  • MediaWiki wiki
  • SQL dump's or XML dump's file size smaller than 1 GB
  • Total archive size of wiki files less than 1 GB
  • Fewer than 1,000 users
  • Fewer than 10,000 pages
  • Database encoding must be binary or UTF-8 (no special characters)
  • MediaWiki database tables cannot have a prefix (such as "mw_")
  • No special requirements for the migration; can follow the instructions provided on the migration form
Available to all


  • Expedited migrations are available as part of our premium migration services. An additional fee will be charged based upon the desired speed/timing and the complexity of the migration.
  • If you require us to authenticate onto your organization's platform, we are able to do so for an additional fee.
  • Failure to follow instructions may result in additional fees levied to compensate for our staff's extra time spent to correct for mistakes and errors.

Factors we consider for eligiblity of standard migration

The following information, which you can find on the Special:Statistics and Special:Version pages of your wiki, helps us with providing you with a confirmation of whether you are eligible for standard migration.

  • Do you have access to the database, images, and LocalSettings.php of your wiki(s)?
  • How many wikis do you have/need migrated?
  • How many pages does your wiki have?
  • How many users does your wiki have?
  • What version of MediaWiki does it run?
  • What extensions and skins are you currently using?
  • Does your wiki have any custom extensions or skins?
  • Does your wiki or its database have any other uncommon customizations?
  • How urgent is the migration?

Standard migrations for monthly subscriptions

Because there is a cost for us to provide complimentary migrations, we require monthly subscriptions to prepay for the following number of months, including your very first month, before we can proceed with the migration:

  • MyWikis Basics: 6 months
  • MyWikis Pro: 4 months
  • MyWikis Quantum: 2 months
  • MyWikis Ultra: 1 month (meaning no additional months)

Sign up for a wiki normally and request a migration using the form linked above in the Steps section. We will reach out to you to pay for the additional number of months before proceeding.

If you cancel before the prepaid months expire, you will not receive a refund, as the additional months fund our ability to offer you the complimentary migration. Thank you for your understanding as we strive to pay our staff a fair wage while keeping your costs low.

Tips for a smooth migration

  • Follow the exact instructions in the migration form.
  • Be sure the images ZIP you are sharing with us is viewable to everyone with the link. If providing us with files or credentials, please do not protect them with a password or set them to expire within a certain timeframe. Doing so may prevent your migration from moving forward.
    • In general, MyWikis will not create any accounts or follow any arbitrary procedures to access your migration.
    • If your organization's security policies require procedures that run contrary to our requirements, please contact us about premium migration.
  • Please stick to our procedure and don't perform any procedures that we did not tell you to do. Also, please don't skip ahead.
  • Do not make any modifications to the database before sending it to us, unless a member of our support team gives you instructions on how to make the modifications.
    • Stripping out PII from the database, while done with good intentions, will likely result in the database being corrupted. As a result, we will be unable to proceed with the migration.
    • If you need to comply with GDPR regulations, please let us know. Do not unilaterally proceed with any database modifications. Please talk to us first before doing anything so we can provide you with proper instructions on how to proceed.

In general, please make things easy for our staff to help you perform the migration. This way, your migration can be completed as soon as possible without any delays.

If these instructions are too complicated or not possible for you to complete, consider utilizing premium migration.

Frequently asked questions

The migration instructions don't ask us to include a lot of things, including the MediaWiki core code, the extensions directory, and skins directory. Is this an oversight? Why don't I need to share this?
We can recreate your wiki with only what we requested from you. We can provide everything else. To streamline the migration process, providing only the files we need will help us migrate your wiki the fastest. We have procedures specifically developed for facilitating imports to MyWikis, so the arrangement of files in our requested manner is important for your migration to complete successfully. While some clients have been very kind to provide us more than what is requested, in anticipation this will make it easier for our staff to import their wiki, this ends up slowing down the migration. The extension and skins directories are most likely not required, because we will download the appropriate version of the extensions you use, and it is possible for us to know which extensions to add to your wiki based on the LocalSettings.php file you share with us.