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MyWikis offers two flavors of hosting: Cloud and Dedicated. They are catered towards different needs. Each flavor is great in its own way.

Read on to decide which flavor you'd like for your wiki. You can also ask us about your specific case, or choose one and switch later! (You can switch between them at any time.)


There are four kinds of Cloud plans: Basics, Pro, Quantum, and Ultra. Together, they comprise our Cloud hosting plans, named this because we've developed our signature WaaS (wiki as a service) product in-house to provide you with an unparalleled experience. Cloud wikis run on the cloud to ensure superior performance, reliability, and scalability. Most of MyWikis's wikis are on our Signature plan.

MyWikis Cloud was formerly known as MyWikis Signature.

Wikis on Cloud plans are fast to set up, easy to manage and customize through Self Service, have lots of built-in extensions and skins pre-installed, are optimized for speed, come with CirrusSearch, and receive automatic updates to latest major and minor LTS versions of MediaWiki.

Choose our Cloud plans if you are looking for:

  • Instant wiki creation
  • Easily manage your wiki's configuration settings, add and remove extensions and skins, and manage your plan without having any coding knowledge
  • Automatic updates to the latest major and minor LTS version of MediaWiki
  • A wiki that runs on the cloud
  • Automatically configured to use CirrusSearch
  • All the optimizations and secret sauce applied to your wiki without lifting a finger

For the latest pricing information, please visit


Dedicated plans give you full flexibility to manage and customize your wiki, with the power to choose what MediaWiki version you want to run and dedicated computing resources.

Formerly known as VPS, Dedicated plans run on virtual private servers (VPSes) that provide you with a dedicated virtualized server for your wiki to run on, independent of other Cloud wikis.

We offer a few different tiers of Dedicated plans so you can choose what's best for your wiki.

Dedicated tiers
Tier RAM Storage Additional features Price (/mo)
Tier 1 1 GB 1000 GB -- $79.99
Tier 2 2 GB 1500 GB Memcached supported $99.99
Tier 3 4 GB 2000 GB Memcached and CirrusSearch supported $119.99
Tier 4+ Contact us for more details

Choose our Dedicated plans if you are looking for:

  • The ability to SSH into your wiki's directory and make changes directly to the configuration file
  • Ability to make unique customizations to extension and skin files (rarely needed, but useful if necessary)
  • Dedicated computing resources not shared with any other wiki
  • The ability to choose which MediaWiki version you want your wiki to be on

For additional Dedicated maintenance support, you can choose our premium server maintenance package, which includes:

  • Complimentary automatic upgrades for all versions (and to non-LTS versions, if requested)
  • Upgrading the Dedicated software to the latest version of the OS, Apache, PHP, MySQL/MariaDB, etc.
  • Upgrading extensions to the latest versions

What's in common?

While each flavor has its own great benefits, both flavors have much in common:

  • Unlimited users and unlimited pages
  • No ads
  • No MyWikis branding
  • HTTPS included on all wikis at no extra charge
  • Choose any of our 9 privacy levels
  • Support for unlimited media storage (storage beyond our generous allowance is extra but at a reasonable price)
  • Ability to choose your wiki's content license (e.g. copyright, Creative Commons, GNU GPL, MIT, etc.)
  • Technical support included with your plan, provided by MediaWiki experts

Detailed feature comparison

Feature Cloud Dedicated
Wiki creation speed Instantly Up to 1-2 business days
Custom edits to extensions and skins Not supported Supported
Self Service Yes Not at the moment
MediaWiki upgrades Automatic Not included; requires maintenance plan
CirrusSearch Yes Tier 3 and above