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MyWikis Backups Plus provides you with an automated daily backup of your wiki content available in XML format, accessible for you at any given time. The resulting backup can be imported into any other MediaWiki site. This is great for anyone who wants to frequently download a copy of their wiki's entire contents.

It is available as an addon to any plan we offer.

This is separate from our standard backups. MyWikis already backs up your databases daily and stores it securely in a different physical location from the main servers.

Backup information

A new backup of your wiki is generated at 2am U.S. Central Time every day (UTC-06:00, UTC-05:00 during Daylight Saving Time). It's in XML format and can be easily used for importing into another MediaWiki site.

Wiki admins will always be able to access the most recent backup. We also guarantee that backups will be generated at least once a calendar day. However, the most recent backup may not necessarily be generated at 2am U.S. Central Time; we reserve the right to generate backups in between this or at a different time.

Only wiki admins can access backups by default. If you would like for the users who can access backups to be changed to bureaucrats only or a specific set of users, please contact our support team by opening a ticket and let us know what you'd like it to be changed to.

Signing up for Backups Plus

Haven't signed up for Backups Plus yet? It's easy to sign up and a great investment for your wiki. Wiki owners may sign up for Backups Plus by logging in to the Client Panel to configure their wiki:

  1. Visit ( or (
  2. Select your wiki(s) you'd like Backups Plus on
  3. On the left Actions toolbar, press "Upgrade/Downgrade Options"
  4. Check "Backups Plus", then press Continue
  5. Proceed to pay

You should receive a confirmation email confirming your wiki's enrollment in Backups Plus within 30 minutes, as well as details on how to access your backups.

Retrieving backups

To get your wiki's backup, visit Special:WikiBackups and press the "Access backup" link.

If your wiki does not have this page, it is because you did not purchase Backups Plus for your wiki.

Extension conflicts

The AccessControl extension is written by third-party developers and is available to install on MyWikis Self Service, but it will break your wiki's XML export functionality. As a direct consequence, this also breaks Backups Plus's functionality. This is not a problem with Backups Plus itself, but rather a conflict between MediaWiki and AccessControl. AccessControl cannot be used with Backups Plus.

Frequently asked questions

Do I need to sign up for MyWikis Backups Plus in order to get backups for my wiki?
This addon is not required for your wiki's database to be backed up daily. MyWikis already backs up your databases daily and stores it securely in a different physical location from the main servers. For security reasons, those database backups are not publicly accessible at any given time. However, that's where Backups Plus comes in handy! With Backups Plus, you can access the generated XML dump at any time.
Do I need to get Backups Plus to gain access to XML dumps?
You can always use Special:Export on your wiki to get XML dumps. If you need to export your entire wiki's contents at once, MyWikis offers periodic backup dumps on demand free of charge, as well as if you decide to leave MyWikis and close your wiki. You can request those by opening a support ticket. However, if you need to make repeat requests within a short span of time, then you need to sign up for Backups Plus.