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There's many ways to get started with a MediaWiki wiki, but MyWikis does it like nobody else, at a price nobody else can match.

Feature comparison
Feature Web hosts

with one-click

install MediaWiki

Wiki hosts

under $100/mo

Core MediaWiki Yes! Yes! Yes!
Extensions preinstalled No Yes! Yes!
HTTPS protection built-in Some Most, if not all Yes!
Custom domain support Yes! Some Yes!
Pretty URLs preconfigured No Yes! Yes!
Servers and platform optimized for MediaWiki No Yes! Yes!
VisualEditor preinstalled No Some Yes!
Extension installation automated? No Some Yes!^
ConfirmAccount preinstalled No No Yes!
Semantic MediaWiki one-click install No No Yes!
CirrusSearch included No No Yes!
Zero effort, zero configuration

anti-spam protection

No No Yes!
Zero configuration SSO integration available

(SAML, OAuth, OpenID, LDAP, Shibboleth, etc.)

No No Yes!
Uses cloud-based services No, unless you are

using a cloud provider

No Yes!
White label (no branding) Almost all No Yes!
Expert MediaWiki consultants

available for custom development

Few, if any No Yes!
Support plans and SLAs

specifically for MediaWiki

Some No Yes!
Time it takes to get all of the

above features up and running

(as measured from the time

you begin signing up)

10+ hours 5 minutes config (?)

Between 1 hour

and 24 hours to

be approved

Impossible to

get all of them

on your wiki

5 minutes config

Immediately get

access to your wiki

ALL features listed

above included

Table is up to date to the best of our knowledge as of July 2021.

  • ^ = Applies to our extensive list of pre-vetted popular extensions. We always welcome you to request new extensions, and we always aim to approve these requests unless there's a very good reason against it.
  • "Some" or "Most" means the answer is "yes" for some/most of the companies but "no" for other companies.