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Semantic MediaWiki is an extension to MediaWiki that allows you to add metadata to pages and make queries to show and filter by data.


Semantic MediaWiki is available on the MyWikis Quantum, Ultra, Corporate, and VPS plans. If you aren't on these plans, you can upgrade instantly to one of these plans on the Client Panel.


To install Semantic MediaWiki on your wiki, you can use Self Service. You will need to be the wiki owner to complete these steps.


  1. Go to Self Service.
  2. Log in with your Client Panel credentials.
  3. Select the wiki on which you wish to install the extension. Then, click "Manage wiki settings".
  4. Press "Wiki extensions".
  5. Click on "Add extension".
  6. Select Semantic MediaWiki on the dropdown and press "Install".


I can't edit a page because it requires change propagation. In this case, please run the job queue by visiting Special:RefreshWiki on your wiki on an account with administrator rights.

I can't edit a page because it requires change propagation, but I already ran the job queue. Contact support about this, and they will make a change to your wiki to prevent this from happening.

I need to run a Semantic MediaWiki maintenance script. We are currently working on making common scripts available to run on Special:RefreshWiki.