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In addition to our hosting services, our consulting services allow you to speak with MediaWiki experts.

Our consultation plans out how to attain your goals and makes your wiki work for you the way you want it to work, which might not be the exact way that Wikipedia wants it to work. Thankfully, MediaWiki is extremely extensible software and it is very possible to change the functionality of your wiki to match your custom needs.

Initial consultation

Our initial consultations are always free. Contact to talk to us and explain your situation.

Work we do

The short answer is: we can do anything. Whether we provide the hosting or not, whether it's a MediaWiki extension or skin, whether it's a template or Lua module that needs to be written, whether it's a mobile app for your wiki, or anything in between, we do it.

The long answer is: the following list provides a starting point, but if something isn't on here, we still provide it!

Advisory consulting

  • How to set up and use MediaWiki for your specific use case
  • Per-page access restrictions — need some of your pages to be restricted to some users? Need different permissions per page? Need to add fine grained control? MyWikis has your back.
  • Cloud strategy advising
  • Scaling and performance advising — is your MediaWiki site running slowly? We can diagnose and troubleshoot these issues, then provide you concrete actions to resolve the issues.

Setup and migration consulting

This only includes services for base setups and migration. For work after setup or migration is done, please continue reading.

MyWikis-hosted consulting

Setting up wikis hosted on MyWikis doesn't require MyWikis Consulting! It's included as part of your MyWikis hosting plan.

Importing wikis to MyWikis hosting is also an included service.

Cloud-hosted consulting

  • Set up MediaWiki on the cloud
    • Support for major cloud providers such as AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform
  • Set up MediaWiki with Docker
  • Migrate MediaWiki to the cloud
  • Migrate MediaWiki to Docker

Self-hosted consulting

  • Set up MediaWiki on your own server
    • Apache, Nginx, IIS
  • Set up MediaWiki with Docker
  • Migrate MediaWiki to a new server
  • Migrate MediaWiki to Docker and set up Docker on the new server

Inter-software migration consulting

  • Moving from Confluence to MediaWiki
  • Moving from SharePoint to MediaWiki

Wiki improvement consulting

  • Single sign-on (SSO) setup and configuration for MediaWiki
  • Custom MediaWiki per-page access restrictions configuration
  • Custom MediaWiki group permissions configuration
  • Custom MediaWiki template development
  • Custom MediaWiki Lua module development
  • Custom Semantic MediaWiki query development
  • Custom Cargo query development
  • Custom MediaWiki extension development
  • Custom MediaWiki skin development
  • Custom MediaWiki bot development

Software integration consulting

  • Integrate your other software with MediaWiki
  • Automatically add content to MediaWiki from another source

Maintenance plans

We maintain your wiki by updating it regularly.

Consulting plans

We offer several different plans.

  • Premium Support Plan: Best suited for our hosting clients or clients who will need assistance from us often. Sign a contract to be on the plan with no monthly charge. Pay an hourly rate for the task to be completed only when a task needs to be completed. (The rate will be determined by you and MyWikis Consulting.) While all clients are welcome to enroll in the Premium Support Plan, hosting clients get a discounted rate.
  • One-time implementative consulting: For one project or task, pay an hourly rate for us to plan out the path forward and to complete it. Hosting clients get a discounted rate.
  • Non-implementative consulting: For one project or task, receive advice on what to do, but no actual implementation of the proposed path forward.

Contact us for more pricing details..

Stages of task completion

  1. Client explains the desired result to MyWikis Consulting in an initial consultation.
  2. MyWikis Consulting provides an estimate (also known as a quote) of how long this will take and how much the consulting services will cost.
  3. Client either agrees to estimate or adjusts the desired result.
  4. MyWikis Consulting performs the tasks necessary to achieve the desired result. MyWikis Consulting will keep a timesheet of what was done for how long. If the task was performed in less time than the agreed upon estimate, then the Client only pays for the time MyWikis Consulting used to complete the task. If MyWikis Consulting exceeds the estimate by a certain amount of time, they will stop working and ask the Client for more time.
    1. If the Client does not provide more time, work ceases and the work done so far is given to the Client to the best of MyWikis Consulting's ability and reasonability.
    2. In rare cases, MyWikis Consulting will proactively provide a full refund to or not charge anything from the Client if MyWikis Consulting deems they are unable to complete the task.
  5. MyWikis Consulting informs the Client of the result.